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I am a publisher, editor, writer, college faculty member, independent researcher, learning consultant, corporate trainer, communications strategist, project manager, historian, rabologist, playwright, blogger, mature student, ...and more. How may I help you?



Summer 2023: Received certificates in:

  1. Working Together: The Code and the AODA

  2. AODA General Requirements

  3. AODA Employment Standard

  4. AODA Information and Communication Standard

  5. AODA Customer Service Standard 

Winter 2023: Late this winter I began volunteering with the York Pioneer and Historical Society to help out with outreach communications including their social media and a new website.


March 2021: Received certificate in REDI (Respect, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) training from York University.

February 2021: Received the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans Course on Research Ethics (TCPS 2: CORE Certificate).

College Teaching:


Spring/Summer 2023: 

Policy Research & Analysis:

Spring 2023: 

Corporate Communications Training & Coaching:

Recently Completed: 


Technical Writing Strategies* 
Spring/Summer 2023 @ Seneca College
Teaching PRC625 for the 24th time. This is sometimes given as a COIL partnership with Florida International University in Miami, Florida, USA.  
Creating Accessible Documents 
Fall 2022 @ George Brown College
Created and taught COMM 9363 for the 1st time in Fall of 2019, it is an introductory AODA compliance to small businesses. I have taught this course 4 times since.
Spring/Summer 2023
Teaching LIBA 9294 for the 1st time. 
I was asked to take this course over in the Spring of 2023 and update the curriculum.

Technical Documentation:
Advanced Concepts 
Spring/Summer 2023 @ George Brown
Teaching COMM9158 for the 9th time between 2017-2023. I have taught all 4 of the 4 required courses in the Technical Communications Certificate Program.
Editing Web Content

Spring 2023 @ George Brown College
Teaching LIBA 9357 for the 10th time. 
Technical Writing
and Analysis 
Winter 2023 @ George Brown College 
Teaching COMM 9093 for the 4th time. I was asked to take this course over in Fall 2021 and update the curriculum.
Business Communication for the Digital Workplace 
Fall 2023 @ Seneca College
Teaching EAC594 for the first time. 
Technical Editing 
Spring 2023 @ George Brown College 
Teaching COMM 9094 for the 2nd time. I was asked to take this course over in Spring 2022 and update the curriculum.
Grammar for Editors and Writers
Spring/Summer 2023 
LIBA 9309 for the 1st time. I was asked to take this course over in the Spring of 2023 and update the curriculum.


Policy Research & Analysis 
March - May 2023
Documentation Training 
March - April 2023
Documentation Training 
March 2023


Technical Writing 

Summer 2020 @ Seneca College
Taught EAC390 17 times since 2014.
*Effective Communications for Engineers
2014-2019 @ Seneca College
Taught EAC625 for 13 terms before it changed to PRC625 Technical Writing Strategies.
Writing Web Content

Last class: Winter 2019 
Taught LIBA 9358 4 times. 
Technical Writing for
Product Documentation

Last class: Winter 2022
Taught COMM 9134 4 times. 
I was hired to update the curriculum
in Fall 2020.


My primary research interest for the past decade and the years come regards the pioneering American physicist and entrepreneur Dr. Robert Jemision Van de Graaff. He invented an early particle accelerator that, together with his lab & business partner Dr. John G. Trump, was used to not only split atoms but to treat cancer (among many other practical uses). Their company - High Voltage Engineering Corporation - was a pioneer as well and was the basis of my major research paper for my graduate studies (now complete).


My primary research sites are at right. Below are sites where I have recently given papers or seminars on this research.


  • A.W. Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA.

  • The National Academies, STGlobal Conference, Washington, DC, USA.

  • Cornell University, Northeast STS Graduate Student Conference, Ithica, NY, USA.

  • 2014 Congress - Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science: Brock University, ON, Canada.

  • York University, STS Graduate Student Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada.

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